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30 day program
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Fuel Life is now accepting applications from those who are tired of aching pain, who are ready to seek help to transform their lives.

Postural imbalances, poor health and improper movement are common causes of pain in the body. Our program will identify the cause of your problem and deliver a customized solution to rid you of the aches and pains, so you can enjoy life again!
  • Weight loss
  • Better movement
  • Stronger muscles
  • ​Better sleep
  • ​And more energy!
We've already helped lots of clients, and now we're super excited to get your life back to normal again (actually better than normal).

We only have 10 spots in this program, so if you're interested inquire now to reserve your spot and find out more.
   Is this for you?
  • You're a striving individual currently held back from doing things you love due to ongoing pain
  • You need help identifying the issues and how to effectively eliminate them
  • ​You are super busy so you need an effective way to get results
  • ​You've tried other methods but are yet to find a long-term solution
  • ​You are sick of stuffing yourself full of medication that only provides a quick fix
  • ​You want a tailored and fun program that suits your goals and your lifestyle
What's included?
Personalized Program & Goal Setting: So we are working toward your goals as effectively as possible. You're a busy person, there's no TIME WASTING here. We are going to be working hard but having fun too!

Education: On what a pain-free life actually looks like. We will pinpoint the issues in body, mind and spirit and provide you with all the tools you need to OVERCOME THEM.

Technique: How to exercise with PROPER MOVEMENT, AWARENESS AND MINDSET to not deliver the best results, but to improve mobility, posture, and prevent injury.

Support & Accountability: Avoid the chaos of making short-term gains and then losing them again. WE ARE IN YOUR CORNER 100% to help you stay on course to smash those goals in and out of the studio.

An Awesome Community: This one is important. We want you to enjoy walking through those doors and joining like-minded people on the same journey. There's no egos or vain expectations here.

Added Benefits: Weight loss, improved muscle tone, better sleep and supercharged energy.

Foundations of the Program
Conscious Connected Breathwork is a somatic based healing modality that is designed to connect directly with the parasympathetic nervous system. You begin by laying comfortably on your back and work with a specific breath pattern that focuses on a full vibrant inhale, a completely relaxed exhale, and a connected breath cycle that has no pause at the top or bottom of the breath. This technique allows you to directly experience unconscious states of mind, allowing blocked emotional patterning, trauma, and blissful states of euphoria to come to the surface. With guided facilitation, you are able to gently process through these states, returning to the breath, and integrating the experiences offered by your own unconscious capacity for transformation.
Build a relationship of curiosity, playfulness, consistency and gratitude for your body. We are here to create a lifelong partnership with our physical health and practice. To see our body as a beautiful living instrument here to support us in experiencing life fully, vibrantly. And to create a safe space to fall back on when we are going through challenges, resistance, and pain. The body is truly a temple, a place of refuge, and a gift with depths to explore. We are here to witness and coach you through the process.
With a mind trained in meditation, you will be able to focus on what matters, to turn off the noise and concentrate on exactly one thing for as long and as intensely as we want. By practicing to keep your mind calm and clear, you will more calmly and deeply consider all aspects of a problem and find creative, successful solutions to your problems.


As a professional dance artist, a holistic movement coach, a certified yoga instructor, and a certified breathwork facilitator; Damian Kai Norman strives to understand the body through conscious connected breath, emotional awareness, strong flexible musculature, and functional range of motion. Damian has over 10 years of experience performing and teaching across Canada and Europe and is always searching for new modes of expanding what is possible through physical practice.

Damian is a level 3 graduate of Slava Golobouv’s movement flow program, has trained extensively with the Stretch Space through the modality of Stretch Therapy and is enrolled under the Stretch To Win certification program. He is also a growing voice in conscious men’s work through the Samurai Brotherhood, stepping further into leadership roles. Lastly, he has enrolled in the Rhodes College Professional Counselling Program, envisioning an integrative approach to physical, emotional, and psychological healing.

With a calm grounded presence and an uplifting encouraging spirit, Damian invites you to connect with your body and build a relationship of trust, curiosity and compassion… Manifesting a conscious loving partnership with yourself.
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